Yossof Sharifi
In 2009, Yossof Sharifi and Joshua Baron left the Salt Lake City Prosecutor's Office to found Sharifi & Baron. We started without a single client in a tiny one-room office in downtown Salt Lake. We borrowed one desk from our landlord and shared it. Yossof sat on one side and Josh sat on the other.

We have now served over 500 clients in matters ranging from business litigation and immigration applications to custody disputes and first-degree felonies. Over half of our practice has been in the area of criminal defense, but we are a neighborhood law firm and we serve whatever needs our clients have.

Joshua Baron
We started this blog not long after we started our law firm. We hope that you learn something useful and we always love comments. If you ever have any questions or if you would like to speak to one of our attorneys, give us a call. (801) 656-1901.